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Wong Fu Productions: Away We Happened Ep 4


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Gonna try to use Tumblr more often

We’ll see how well this works.



LEFT EAR: Mandarin version.

RIGHT EAR: English version.

Enjoy the multiple eargasm…

Nah that’s cool I love being forgotten. -,-

Sometimes it’s hard to plaster a smile on your face every minute, every second, everyday of you life.


So after watching a few dramas I have come to a conclusion. Every drama has the same thing!
1) there’s always a rich guy and a poor girl
2) fancy cars are a must
3) hospital scene is always there
4) the girl is usually ugly to begin with then there’s the fairy godmother part where they get a transformation
5) there is always at least one parent that objects
6) besides the “main” couples there’s always the “sidekick” couple that always seems to be cuter
While watching there seemed to be more… But I forgot some
Other things I’d like to point out:
- if it weren’t for fade outs and switching to other scenes, it would be very awkward for the characters
- the lead woman role is quite an insult to other women. Do people seriously think we’re that crazy, stupid, and idiotic.
Ahhh anyways I still love watching dramas. Mostly cuz I have nothing better to do and because I know i’ll never have such a romantic love life xP haha! Btw I still say City Hunter’s the best drama ever

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Why Hello Tumblr… long time no see xP

Siiiggghh….. me being on Tumblr is not a good thing. It’s been a while. Nothing to cheer you up but venting on a social network and listening to old music. xP